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Banafrica is a the best leading company in South Africa based in Pretoria with a registration number: "2008/264098/23"
We have the track record in: "Interpreting, Translation, Transcibing and Proof reading"

Interpreting equipments

The equipment you need includes interpretation booths (one per output language), interpreter consoles, mixer, transmission system, headset receivers for participants and interpreters, microphones for interpreters and for participants.
Our equipment consultant can advise you on the specific needs for your meeting.

Sign Languages

A sign language is a language which uses manual communication and body language to convey meaning.
We have both sign language interpreters for English and Afrikaans

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Welcome to Banafrica

Banafrica Foreign Languages is an interpretation & translation company that have been operating since 2008 and it is based in Pretoria. Since the establishment Banafrica Foreign Languages has been growing over the past years due to the effort, hard working and quality services. We, as Banafrica Foreign Languages make sure all our services are very well provided to those in need on the right time.

Central Supplier Database:

Supplier number: MAAA0057273
Unique reference number: 1e1c0ffd-355d-4615-a533-f1df6808e8f1

Western cape suplier database (WCSD)

Registration number: GFXACFMTRW

Latest News (Urgently hiring)

We are urgently hiring interpretors for interpreting services at HOME AFFAIRS; Refugee Reception Offices, Rufugee Appeal Board and Standing Commitee for Refugee Appeal board for the following languages:
  1. Amharic, Oromo, Tigrigna, Arabi
  2. Bengani
  3. French
  4. Hindu, Gujarat
  5. Igbo, Hausa, Youruba
  6. Kirundi
  7. Swahili, Lingala
  8. Mandarin, Cantonese
  9. Shona, Ndebele
  10. Somali
  11. Urdu, Punjabi
  12. Portuguese, Shangani
  13. Chichewa
  14. Wolof
Physical Address

291 Thabo Sehume street
701 Constantia Building
Pretoria CBD, 0001 Pretoria


Tel:   +27 12 770 6033
Cell: +27 82 052 0244
         +27 64 540 5958
FAX: +27 86 444 1413
P.O Box: 9459 Pretoria, 0001


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